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What a weekend!
We set off for the British MSA time trial at fulbeck in dad’s new car. He picked the car up just in time to go down. I wasn’t feeling too good and unfortunately was sick in the car… Sorry dad!
Practice day and it was raining, I still didn’t feel well but I went out, it felt fast in the sessions but in the last session my engine cut out. Dad spent all night getting it sorted out and we went into Sunday.
Sunday morning and I woke up with belly ache! Possibly nerves but I went on track. The weather was again unsettled and really hard to adapt to the conditions. I went 1-1-2-1 in the time trials to win the day both club and British MSA round. I’m really happy and want to say a big thank you to Tommy my engine builder for such a good engine, Dad, mum and Eva for there support. Well done also to Tyler who had some bad luck and Max for there results. Next up is Rowrah.