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Brilliant end to the IKR series at Rowrah.
Saturday I went out in fog for a session. Dad said he was worried sick as I was flying around and he couldn’t see me 😂. I was pretty quick in the practice sessions and by the 3rd session I got into a 106.7 which is the fastest I’ve gone at Rowrah. There was a delay due to the air ambulance coming and I hope marshall Duncan is ok and on the mend.
Sunday race day and dad jokingly said I need to try and keep up with the iames. Qualifying came and I put it on pole!
Heat 1 came and I was made to start 5th as the iames had to go first. I managed to get the fastest lap I’ve gone at Rowrah with a 106.16. Heat 2 I went 106.86 and the final a 107.12.
Overall I’m really happy with the result and went 1-1-1-1 in the comers to win the day. I also won the Winter Cup, and beat 2 of the iames all day!
I finished the championship 2nd overall as my pal Tyler switched to Iame. Well done to him today as he went real well in a brand new Iame with no practice and came 2nd! 👍 Gonna miss racing against him 😩
Well done to all the Bambino drivers, there was some great racing. Big J coming 2nd, Braith coming 3rd.
Big thanks as always to Tom from Tommy Motorsport for the engine and Dad on the spanners.