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Another good day at Fulbeck Kart Club in the IKR Sprint Series – Fulbeck. We were up against some really tough competition today and dad said I had to drive my socks off. The british MSA champion was at the meeting and so was the London cup winner. We only had 2 heats and a final as there was a red flag in the 3rd heat and the heat was called off. I went into the final 2nd on the grid. The final was only 5mins plus 1 lap, so with not much time I had to get a good start. I set off well and started to catch first place. I then overtook him and was in the lead, he took over again the next lap and it was a close race but I came in 2nd by 0.19sec. Dad said he was well proud of me as I wasn’t far off the MSA British champion and beat the London cup winner πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† When I came in my mychron was showing I did a 102.76 which is my fastest yet. Dad said that the mychron picks up the lap later and not at the start finish but still…. Special thanks again to Tommy for a great engine. Tommy Motorsport